How to Invest Offshore Post FATCA

10 Jan

Sailboat - Invest offshoreFor years, people have invested offshore to protect their investment. This was money that the government could not tax and could not attach to you. Many considered it the safest way to store your money. Recently, however, things are changing. FATCA, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, makes it harder for people to invest in offshore accounts. If US dollars are at play, the US can tax it. This takes out most of the benefits of offshore investing. There is a way to invest that is safer, though. Pensions have a low risk of tax evasion, allowing you to invest with minimal concerns. With professional help, this is easier to manage.

The government views pensions as a low risk for tax evasion. This has made them exempt from FATCA reporting. For anyone wanting a way around these reports, this is the best option. An overseas retirement account will give you the opportunity to set up your money safely in a bank account that you feel you can trust. You can do this without having to fill out any of the FATCA forms that other forms of investment require. When you have help, you can do this easily and with greater satisfaction. The quality of the work is up, which is what you want when your money is involved.

We can help you to invest and remain informed and on top of the situation. Our assistance will guide you through the process, increasing the chance of success. With us, you can take advantage of the freedom that pensions offer. You do not have the restrictions, blocks, and concerns that come with other types of investments. It is important to understand that not everyone is accepted, however. While our services will help you as much as possible, this is not an immediate acceptance for anyone. You have a higher chance of success, but nothing guaranteed.

Part of how you can help is to provide all requested information in a complete and accurate manner. To take advantage of a tax deferred retirement account overseas, you have to remain straightforward through the entire process. Accurate information and making it easier on us will help. We are here to provide you with guidance, legal and technical information, and advice. We cannot do much if you are not honest with us. You can speak with your own legal or financial professional if you would like confirmation or other opinions.

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