Lions Gate Self-Sovereign Club

08 Aug
Lions Gate Club Self-Sovereign Identification

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) with verifiable claims system

Revolutionary “Share the Growth” Business Model where the Self-sovereign Club Members participate in an open-source “Kaizen method” organization.

An inclusive, provably fair, and transparent economic system with incentives to participate and Golden Ratio (Fibonacci sequence) compensation structure.

A powerful foundation supported by Horizen’s distributed multi-tiered node network. Members have the freedom to choose where their data resides and who is allowed to access it.

“Self-sovereign” means the individual identity holder controls their credentials, using them whenever and however they please, without being forced to request permission of an intermediary. Lions Gate Blockchain-based solution aims to override the need for a central authority by distributing information previously held in a centralized repository across a network of participating nodes. The new standard for digital identity – designed to bring the trust, personal control, and ease-of-use of analog IDs – like Passport and ID cards – to the Internet.

Open-Source and Best of Breed

Data is one of the most valuable assets in a digital world. Self-Sovereign identity puts you back in control of your personal data for more privacy and protection. Until now, the internet has lacked a universally available digital identity system that lets individuals collect and hold trustworthy verifiable credentials and present them to whoever they want, whenever they want.

Through a decentralized architecture with the blockchain on the Lions Gate mobile device app, the platform provides multi-factor authentication. The personal data that you save in Lions Gate always stays under your control, is encrypted with strong keys derived from a password that you choose and only you know, and is never communicated to third parties.

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