Polish Pear Diamond in Dubai for Sale

30 Mar

Created in the 1400s, the pear-cut diamond still retains its popularity today. Diamond cutter, Lodewyk van Berquem, invented a diamond-polishing wheel that enabled every facet of the diamond to be polished–a turning point in which all pear shaped diamonds exhibit superb light return and sparkle but the Polish Pear Diamond is truly unique and currently for sale in Dubai.

What is a Pear-cut Diamond?

The pear-cut diamond shape is a unique combination of the round and marquise shapes. As one of only two asymmetrical diamond shapes, the pear-cut features a tapered point on only one end and contains 58 facets.

Pear-cut diamonds are as rare as they are stunning. Considered a modified brilliant-cut, the pear-cut sparkles as exquisitely as round and princess diamonds, but are considerably harder to find. Only four percent of diamonds are cut into the pear shape, and only a small percentage of those are cut correctly. For these reasons, finding a well-cut pear-shaped diamond is truly an extraordinary find.

Polish Pear Diamond of Dubai is for Sale

In the video about is the Beautiful Polish Pear diamond located in Dubai, Seller will accept Malca or Brinks Procedures. Cash payment not allowed.

Price: $5.000.000 (millions U.S. Dollars) plus 5% commissions and this rare Polish Pear Diamond is yours.

Commission Split paid by Buyer

Sellers Side: 2.5% closed.

Buyers Side: 2.5% open starting with us.

 We need a LOI to set the TTM.

Let me know if is of you interest Best Regards

Contact within for more information

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