Retirement planning for the shrewd expatriate

19 Jun
Invest Offshore - Retirement Planning

Invest Offshore – Retirement Planning

Are you looking for retirement solutions without the hassles and headaches? We can help!

At Invest Offshore we’re experts at creating specialist retirement, investment and savings plans based on your unique circumstances. Our flexible solutions cater to long term needs, and unlike other advisers, our solutions are such that you do not have to tie up large sums of money.

Having worked with hundreds of expatriates across the globe we have amassed an unparalleled expertise within the field and are happy to tailor our solutions so as to increase client wealth regardless of the financial climate.

So, whether the financial markets and the economy are going up or down, your net worth will only ever increase.

As an expatriate you’re already in a privileged position. By utilizing our proficiency with offshore taxation laws and investment planning we can help with the selection or creation of savings plans to fulfill your specific objectives.

We can also provide assistance with any pension plans or investments you may already have, in particular with analyzing objective future income predictions or providing on going advice and guidance.

So how can we help YOU with your retirement planning?

We can tailor or create solutions to take full advantage of your circumstances, in particular any associated tax advantages based on your expatriate status. The recommendation of any plan will depend entirely on its suitability for you but you can almost certainly expect to benefit from at least the following features:

  • Location independence – wherever in the world you reside you will always have the ability to continue to contribute
  • Tax efficient – you’re expatriate status will be used to maximize upon associated tax advantages
  • Highly accessible – the money can be fully withdrawn before retirement
  • Flexible Use – your money does not need to be used for retirement purposes only
  • Freedom of choice – You can choose to have your money however you want – lump sum, income, reinvestment etc..

Contact us today to discuss the perfect retirement planning solution for you.

Our recommended professional financial consultants are perfectly placed to answer your questions and guide you step by step with the process.

Click here for a free no obligation consultation.

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