SafetyPay partners with LATAM Airlines Group to provide digital payment solutions, including bank transfers and cash payments

09 Jan

MIAMI, Fla., Jan. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SafetyPay, the leading digital alternative payment platforms providing solutions across Latin America and Europe, today announces a new partnership with LATAM Airlines Group, to enable its digital payment wallet and thus, contributing to the airline’s digital transformation project.

SafetyPay’s solution will allow non-card holders and fraud-wary consumers to participate in the purchase of airline tickets via bank transfer or cash without sharing their information online. The platform expands the possibility for LATAM Airlines Group to access more customers by accepting alternative forms of payment.

LATAM, the airline group that best serves connectivity within the region and South America along with the rest of the continents, has been focusing on its digital transformation with the goal of offering customers a better online and digital experience when flying. This spans the entire journey beginning with the planning and purchasing, all the way to the end of their travel. The digital solution now offered, and enabled by SafetyPay, aims to provide bank transfers and cash payment solutions, in addition to credit card transactions, for all customers. The digital solution also seeks to reduce the number of required fields and minutes to purchase a ticket, reducing it in more than 10 minutes. New purchase transactions will reduce the number of fields from 18 to two, and the number of minutes to complete a transaction to 4:55 minutes. Furthermore, the airline will be able to send instant confirmations and tickets to its customers.

“Providing a payment solution to include un- and under-banked customers has been one of the key goals of SafetyPay since it was founded more than a decade ago,” said Gustavo Ruiz Moya, CEO, SafetyPay. “Offering a secure, risk-fraud, payment solution to buy airline tickets using a digital wallet is key to tap a larger number of customers that either do not have credit cards or have them but do not want to use. Our payments solutions which leverage the latest technology to protect our customers and offer them the best experience online will contribute to a better and quicker online sales experience.”

The partnership was recently launched in Chile, Colombia and Ecuador, while other markets such as Brazil and Peru will follow next year.

SafetyPay currently partners with 380 banks in 17 countries worldwide, across Latin America, Europe and North America.

Nicolas Salazar, VP eBusiness for LATAM Airlines and head of the digital transformation team commented, “Since 2019, we have been implementing an ambitious transformation to build a customer centric end-to-end digital experience, and thus, make life easier for our passengers throughout their complete journey. We have been focusing on eliminating barriers, simplifying rules, reducing transaction times with a clear focus of improving our customer’s experience and creating value. The partnership with SafetyPay allows us to bring new digital payment solutions to our customers”.

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About SafetyPay

Founded in 2007, SafetyPay is a secure alternative payments platform that enables e-commerce transactions for consumers and merchants. With a comprehensive suite of B2C and B2B payment solutions available, the company eliminates common pain points associated with traditional payment methods. SafetyPay makes it possible for non-card holders and fraud-wary consumers to participate in the online marketplace – shoppers are connected to merchants worldwide and pay directly from their bank accounts or with cash in local currency, without fear of online fraud as their bank information is not shared online. For merchants, SafetyPay enables incremental sales by processing payments of underbanked and international consumers, and reduces the number of chargebacks and cross-border fees. The platform currently partners with 380 banks in 17 countries worldwide, across Latin America, Europe and North America.

About LATAM Airlines Group S.A.

LATAM Airlines Group is Latin America’s leading airline group, with a presence in five domestic markets in the region: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, as well as international operations within Latin America and to Europe, the United States and the Caribbean.

The Group has a fleet of Boeing 767, 777, 787, Airbus A350, A321, A320, A320neo and A319 aircraft.

LATAM Airlines Group shares are traded on the Santiago de Chile Stock Exchange and in the United States its ADRs are traded on OTC (over-the-counter) markets.

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