Why it is difficult to make money by day trading

10 Mar

When a trader starts trading for the first time they assume it’s pretty easy to make money just by looking at a price chart. Day trading typically focuses all attention on the big moves and try to trade but without making profits they fail in the trades. Let’s give you a simple example to illustrate the scenario. The professional traders always analyze the major stocks so that they chose the perfect trading instrument. On the other hand, naïve traders don’t really know the importance of the selection of the trading instrument. They pick assets without analyzing the technical and fundamental aspects.

You need to understand that trading is not easy unless you know how to go for it. With proper knowledge, you can make a significant income by day trading. There are many reasons why traders face difficulties. In this article, you will find the reasons and also the solutions.

The success rate of trading

It’s a big challenge for traders to make profits through trading. Every trader believes that they can make money by day trading easily but the max of the traders end up with a big loss. You should never take trading that simply and should pay more attention to it. Trading is a very complicated task and without having a strong knowledge of the market dynamics, you can’t change your life. So, start working on your trading skills and try to improve your success rate by pushing yourself to the limit.

Although you can improve your day trading by understanding the concept more deeply and never assume that day trading is easy. By thinking day trading is easy many traders make mistakes and don’t give more attention to their trading system and thus they lose money.

Traders don’t create a robust method

As most of the traders assume day trading is easy so they don’t create any solid trading strategy. It’s obvious to face difficulties in day trading if you don’t use effective strategies in your trades. Effective strategies help to take action in the trades if any profitable opportunity arises in the market. You should also create a unique method so that you can analyze a few stocks within a short period of time. This robust approach will allow you to trade the market at the perfect time.

If you create a robust strategy then it will inform you whether to trade or not in the market’s condition. To use strategies, first you need to research and understand the market more deeply so that you can make profits by day trading.

Give time for practice

One of the common reasons the traders face difficulties to make money by day trading is due to their lack of practice. You need to practice a lot if you want to understand the market properly, don’t just hope that practicing an hour will make you a successful trader.

You can do great in day trading only if you practice really hard and attains the knowledge of the market appropriately. If you can set good skills and strategies in your trades by practicing and this will help you to make money.


In day trading, the traders also lose as they can’t forecast the next price movement and this happens due to lack of understanding and knowledge. You won’t face difficulty when making money by trading if you can tackle all the terms and movements according to the market. In day trading don’t jump into big amounts at the very beginning rather, try to trade with small amounts and gradually you can increase the amounts. It’s not a wise decision for naïve traders to trade more often in a day as they need to find out whether they are facing any difficulties to making money using or not.


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