Control your own Financial Kingdom

18 Nov

Control tells us that safety and security for the future requires three unchained investment account components that you control:

A) Freedom to change Legal Tax Jurisdiction
B) Freedom to change Custodian
C) Freedom to change Investment Account

These commonly spoken beliefs only make common sense when you have control:

1) control over your financial situation is only what your investment account allows it to be
2) no currency is without risk
3) safety is only what I allow it to be
4) security is knowing that I know that I know I am safe
5) liquidity is the return of my money when I want it

Control is this IRS and FATCA tax credential status investment account

The Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Treasury and FATCA acknowledge this tax free roll-up investment account reporting exemption on IRS Form 8957, IRS Form 3520, IRS Form 8938 and on W-8BEN-E box 29e. That all means you are free to deal without U.S. person restrictions, restraints or blockage to investments globally.

Control is pre-authorized exempt from financial institution reporting

This exempt reporting credential is also documented in Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA), Common Reporting Standard (CRS), Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA) and Double Tax Agreements (DTA) which all define it exactly and other investment entities are not even mentioned anywhere. This entity is recognized as exempt from International tax  disclosure reporting and not included in worldwide taxable assets.

Control is a tax-free trading environment.

Investments and accumulations operating in a tax-free environment is in a position to have higher yield than the same investment operating in a tax jurisdiction, if only by the reason that the monies, which would otherwise be paid as tax, can be further reinvested in the assets held by the investment. Therefore an offshore investment operating in a tax-free  environment is in a position to have higher yield than the same investment operating in a tax jurisdiction.

Control is Tax powered yield that ”turbo-charges” future values

You want to win the money game. Well, doesn’t everybody? Then construct a foreign retirement plan registration that has pre-tax contributions and tax deferred accumulations brought to you by FATCA and IRS Tax Credential Status. This tax affected yield “turbocharges” accumulations; which means higher after tax gains that beats anyone’s yield.

Tailor made legal and operational structure

We, necessarily, draft the outline of instruction for advice to your U.S. Tax Attorney. We also assist in preparation of formal instructions to a U.S. tax attorney to advise on specific areas of U.S. tax reporting and U.S. tax liabilities. Experienced U.S. Tax Attorneys structure your legal basis for contributing capital, which is required by tax law, and puts you on a firm footing.

We integrate your financial service providers (e.g. banks, traders, trading platforms, investment accounts, etc.) that you wish to include in your operational structure.

We introduce you to our a strategic alliance of lawyers, tax consultants, and financial service professionals dedicated to expanding and promoting a legitimate tax planning vehicle thoroughly documented in statutory law, easy to use, and uncomplicated.

Therefore, the result is you are totally compliant and don’t need to think about it, once you have control over your own Financial Kingdom.


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    • Aaron A Day December 13, 2018 at 7:42 am #

      Offshore Capital Structure whitepaper has been sent.

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